“Rob was recommended by a high profile attorney and I was told he was the best. He turned out to be excellent. Rob has a great personality, is very reassuring and calm and he returns phone calls!”
– Gary Hershgordon, President, American Financial Advisors.

“Robert Bovarnick always provides service above and beyond the basic expectations of attorneys. He has brought an old school type service to the modern world and it is most refreshing. He is a true professional in every sense of the word.”

“Rob is a joy to work with. He takes a practical approach to the law in solving issues, and he thoroughly understands the overall objectives and goals.”
-Tim McCorry, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mack Services Group

“When I first met Rob, I had just about had it with attorneys but Rob was different and he found a better way to resolve the situation. I was impressed with his dedication, determination and his code of ethics, which are always above board.”
-Kenneth Allen, Lake Montezuma, Arizona

“It’s hard to find all the best traits in one attorney but Rob has them – talent, skill, intelligence, tenacity, generosity, determination and client concern. He has provided invaluable counsel for my business and me and I enthusiastically introduce Rob to other professionals knowing that he will treat each of them the same way he treats me. My business is better for having Rob involved and I am pleased to also call him a good friend.”
-Jeff Trolley, President, MC Influence, Inc.

“Unlike the stereotype of most attorneys, Rob Bovarnick is a caring, people person. Using his negotiation skills, he got a client who had owed my company money for six months, to pay in full – without a lawsuit! I speak from direct experience when I say he is a talented individual and skilled lawyer. He has given me and my company invaluable help over the years and I recommend his firm highly.”
-EC, Inc.

“I was the CEO of a business Filing for Chapter 11 and Rob Bovarnick was recommended to me. I knew from the first phone call that he was our man. Rob supplies energy, confidence, capability, and character. He resolved potential conflicts and took us through the Chapter 11 process with ease, leaving us to run our business while he did his. I highly recommend Rob for any legal business, not only for his professionalism and competence, but also for his demeanor and personality. If you’re in bankruptcy, you want an attorney who knows the process and is good for morale and that is definitely Rob Bovarnick.”
-Ted DelGaizo, President and CEO, MLEA Inc.