Monthly Archives: May 2015

IMG_4200a (683x1024)Luke Sampson, an attorney at Bovarnick & Associates, is a dedicated VIP volunteer and friend. In his private practice Luke handles small to mid-sized business and general corporate litigation and business bankruptcy. Since taking his first volunteer case in 2013, Luke has assisted five VIP clients in both homeownership and divorce matters. Luke has also served as the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Young Lawyer’s Division representative on Philadelphia VIP’s Board of Directors since January.
Luke is one of a small group of volunteer attorneys who take cases outside of their usual area of expertise. To Luke, his VIP cases are opportunities to continue to serve the clients he helps in his private practice. “At Bovarnick & Associates, I see the direct impact that small businesses have on their owners. These owners have spouses and children to support, and are severely impacted if their business closes. If their business closes, they are coming to VIP for help.”
“Luke exceeds expectations as a volunteer and has truly demonstrated a commitment to helping low income Philadelphians over the past two years,” says Roxane Crowley, VIP Staff Attorney. “He takes the time to get to know his clients and ensures they fully understand the details of their cases. Luke even attempted a last minute hospital visit because he knew it could help his client obtain a better outcome in her case.”
“There are a lot of pro bono organizations in Philadelphia,” says Luke, “but VIP really stands behind its name as the place to effectuate its mission in legal services.”
Luke is a dedicated volunteer who provides outstanding pro bono legal services to low-income families in Philadelphia. We applaud his commitment to helping VIP improve the lives of our clients and our community.